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How to Prepare to Take Newborn Photos

As your newborn session gets closer, you might have a few questions about what you can do to prepare. Some parents worry about how their newborn baby will do during their session—if they will be fussy, unable to sleep, or overstimulated. As a mother and newborn photographer with over 8 years of experience, I have found a few things that will help your session be as smooth as possible. I have delivered a full gallery for each newborn session with each family that has come my way. So here are the steps you can take to ensure your baby is sleepy and content for their session!

How to Prepare for Your Newborn Photography Session

Following these steps before your session will help to prepare yourself and your newborn so that your session will go smoothly and you will receive all of the beautiful photos of your new baby that you have been dreaming about:

Step One:  Wake up your baby 2 hours before you plan to leave for the studio.

The goal is to have your baby as sleepy as possible so they can be curled up into all of the sweet poses. So making sure they are awake for a couple of hours before you leave will give us the best opportunities for photos and posing.

Step Two:  Keep baby awake (but not overstimulated) for the next 45 minutes.

After waking up your baby, keep them awake by doing things like taking a bath, singing songs, reading a book, and snuggling. Make sure the activities are engaging enough to keep them awake but not overstimulating.

Step Three:  Feed a full meal approximately 45 minutes before loading the car. If you are bottle feeding, you can push back this time by a bit.

If you have difficulty keeping your baby awake during feeding, I recommend feeding them naked, stroking their back, gently moving their limbs, and singing songs.

Step Four:  Clothe your baby in a zipper onesie and load the car for the studio.  

It will help to have your diaper bag packed the night before, so there isn’t too much downtime between feeding and loading the baby into the car. We want to reserve as much sleepy time as

possible for the session! Dressing the baby in a zipper onesie will also make it easier to undress them at the studio and put on all of the cute outfits and props you have picked out for the session.

What to Bring to Your Newborn Photo Session

Just about everything you need for your session will be provided at the studio, so there are just a few things you will need to bring to your session:

  • Pacifier
  • Pump 
  • Bottle with breastmilk or formula if possible
  • Diaper bag with diapers, wipes, and anything else you might need to keep your baby comfortable

Things to Remember

  • I will set the newborn studio temperature to 76+ degrees, so it would be good to dress your baby in layers to start so they can be comfortable and not too warm.
  • Newborn sessions are shot over the lunch hour, so you can order food to the studio or grab something from Jimmy Johns next door.
  • When you arrive at the studio, we will take a few minutes to go over the products that are available to order after your session. There are plenty of different options for different styles of homes!
  • If you have any questions or concerns leading up to your session, please contact me, and I will be happy to answer any questions or discuss any concerns you may have!

Sioux Falls Newborn Photographer & Studio

Are you looking for a newborn photography experience in the Sioux Falls area? Then, you have come to the right place! My name is Ashley, and I have been photographing newborns and families for over 8 years. As a mother myself, I have plenty of experience with little ones, and I love providing a full-service newborn photography experience. You will receive everything you need, from planning assistance to beautiful options for heirloom products. Ready to work with an experienced photographer who will take the best care of your little one and your beautiful memories? Contact me today.


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