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The most important thing to bring to your session.

Can I let you in on a secret? The single most important thing that you, as a parent, can do during your family session is…


Yes, it’s that simple!

All jokes and tickles aside, if you’re looking for tactical tips to get the most out of your family photos this year, I’ve got you! Read on for my top three tips to get your family photo-ready.

Preparation is Key

  • After consulting my Pinterest boards for outfit styling ideas, try on and lay out your family’s outfits in advance to ensure that everything fits (those darn children sure seem to grow riiiiight before family photos!) and that the colors play well together. Switch and swap as needed.
  • The night before, throw a bubble bath party for your child/ren to get them nice and clean from head to toe(nails). Schedule haircuts a week before your session so they look fresh, but not too fresh.
  • Make sure to go to bed early the night before your session, so that everyone is well rested! And if your child/ren nap, try to balance the need for a full nap with what might be a later bedtime (for sunset sessions), and do your best to avoid car naps, which often result in a clingy babe that isn’t too keen on being photographed. In the end, a rested child is a happy one!
  • Hungry kiddos (and dads, too, ha!) can be temperamental, so make sure that everyone has a full belly or healthy snacks prior to your session’s start time! However, take care not to incentivize your child/ren with bribery or treats – this can be a nightmare, truly, because their focus can be difficult to maintain once food becomes an option.

The Day of the Session

  • Let your kids be kids! It’s my goal to encourage your child/ren to be silly and playful with you and with me because that is how I’m able to capture their personality best.
  • Leave the jokes to me – I have prompts to get your child/ren to smile, and I will do, say, and ask silly things to get genuine expressions! Go along with it, and most importantly, laugh alongside your child/ren.
  • If your child/ren aren’t feeling super smiley that day, don’t stress – let them be, and beautiful images will come from your ease and warmth. Give them the love and comfort they need, and don’t fret if it takes a while for them to warm up to the camera – I’m here to capture all of it!
  • It’s normal for everyone to feel a little nervous before a session. My job is to direct you so that you feel relaxed and natural in front of my camera! Flattering poses, good angles, and great connection are totally my jam, so follow along and know that my aim is to capture you at your best.

After the Session

  • Make a night out of it, and get ice cream or take your family mini-golfing or to a movie after the session. Make your family photo session a fun memory so that your kids look forward to this night each year!
  • At your ordering appointment, enjoy looking at your family’s growth and loving bond through the lens of my camera – it’s one of my favorite parts of the photography experience!

I’m here to help you and your family to prepare for your session, so if you need assistance or just want another set of eyes on your outfit selections, please reach out!


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